A WEDDING ceremony can be made up of many parts.
Some aren’t necessary while others are mandatory.
But this doesn’t mean you can’t add your own flavour or personality to your special day.
Healesville-based celebrant Kersten Gentle said many couples wanted to add something different to their ceremony these days.
“Sand ceremonies are popular,” Ms Gentle said.
“It’s basically a way of expressing the coming together of the couple and their families into one.”
Another way of visually demonstrating that a couple is now as one, is lighting a unity candle together by their own individual lit candles.
“For the Yarra Valley, I love the love letter and wine box ceremony,” Ms Gentle said.
“Before the wedding, the couple pen each other a love letter, explaining their love and why they want to spend the rest of their lives together.
“At the wedding, the couple place their love letters in a wooden wine box containing one or two bottles of their favourite wine and then together they nail the lid with the agreement that if their love goes astray they are to open the box and drink the wine while reading their love letters to each other.”
Ms Gentle said others agreed to open the wine box on their 25th or 50th wedding anniversary.
“The key is that the wedding has to be about the couple,” she said.
“They can have anything they want; it’s about telling their story and matching their personality.”

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